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I-Light - AT&T ASE Information

This document has been created for anyone who would like to learn more about AT&T ASE service. It is an informational document and not an outage procedure. 

AT&T provides ASE (AT&T Switched Ethernet) circuits to I-Light and I-Light Members. I-Light has 2 ASE "head end" circuits (Gary and Indianapolis) that are branched off into individual sub-circuits for our Members. I have included a link to a diagram of each below. 

Diagrams: Gary & Indy

Here are 2 related diagrams for OPT-E-MAN. They are similar to the ASE service: EVVL & NEWA

And Here is a link to a very lengthy document from the AT&T public web page. It has a lot of information but some of it is educational.

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